Let Go of Muscle Tension and Stress with a Return to Ease Workshop!

Learn how to gently release muscle stiffness and chronic soreness.

This informative and fun 2-hour class will teach you self-care techniques that can help you increase the feeling of ease in your body.  Experience increased range of motion and freedom as tight muscles and tension melt away.

  • Wear close fitting, comfortable clothing. Long hair should be tied back.
  • Bring water and a foam roller, unless purchasing one.  The OPTP 36″ Soft Pro Foam Roller is recommended.
  • Class fee includes a small therapeutic ball and an instructional booklet.
  • Moderate upper body and core strength is necessary to safely participate in the class.
  • Taught by Carolyn S. Barnes, LMT, author of Return to Ease: Gently Reconnect with Your Body’s Natural Mobility and Joy.

This 2-hour workshop is offered on these dates:

  • Sunday, May 15, 1-3 pm–THIS CLASS IS FULL! Stay tuned for additional upcoming dates.

To keep your experience personal and meaningful, class size is limited to 8 participants.  Secure your spot today by registering here.


Click here to here to view the workshop flyer.