return to your heart: 8 week coaching program

Return to Your Heart: 12 Week Coaching Program

At the beginning of any journey we need to start with the basics in mind. And making changes to our diets and lifestyles, while important, cannot be the starting place if we want to create lasting change and transformation in our lives. Instead, I have found that we need to start at a deeper place. We need to start with our hearts. That’s why I have created this introductory coaching program just for you.

Return to Your Heart is a 12-week coaching program that will be a catalyst for your change, while also providing you with the basic skills and the foundation you will need on your journey of transformation. This program includes the best that I have to offer:

  • eight one-on-one coaching sessions scheduled over three months (three sessions during month one; three session over month two; and two session during month three),
  • specific content geared to support your learning and awareness,
  • exercises and worksheets to facilitate self-awareness,
  • weekly meditations that gently bring you back to your true self,

Everything you need to build a solid foundation for your growth and self-care and get your inner game on.

Here’s a look into what you will receive when you sign up for this heart-opening course:

Introduction — Sailing with Your Inner GPS

In this first week we will start where you are — where you feel comfortable — and set our course from there. Our primary goal this week is to explore your inner GPS — because you do have all of the answers inside of you and they rest in your heart. We will start with small steps and you will not be alone on this journey. I will also give you some homework this week with exercises and guided meditations to spur your momentum at this place of beginning. 

Freedom – Less Is More

In Week 2 we will address where you are feeling stuck, but also what you envision for yourself in the future. How do you want to feel? Here we get very specific and explore what it will take for you to achieve this vision. In addition, we will take a practical look at a place that may be harboring chaos and uncertainty — your closet! Finally, we release what no longer serves us and embrace what is best for our highest selves. I know it sounds like a lot to address in one week, but I’ve created activities and exercises to help you out, as well as a lovely guided meditation.

The “L” Vitamin

Week 3 is all about LOVE! Here we will really delve into what replenishes you both on a surface and deeper level. We will look into how we talk to ourselves — language is so important in our healing and growth and it does make a difference. Perhaps you aren’t being as kind to yourself as you could be. We will explore how to show ourselves more self-compassion and create rituals of self-care for ourselves that can support us through difficult as well as exciting and joyful times.

Awakening Your Inner Gatekeeper

In this module we explore boundaries in your life and the person who guards them for you: your inner gatekeeper. You can create greater ease in your life as you begin to set clear and intentional boundaries. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Your boundaries are sacred and dynamic. They are a filtering system and can change based on how you are feeling mentally and physically. To help you bring these boundaries to life in your world, I have created some lovely guided meditations for your journey this week.

Allowing the Process

In this module we focus on curiosity, courage, releasing that which does not serve us, and the transformation that comes with this process. As we move through the process of change, issues and patterns from the past often reveal themselves to us in a more prominent way. This week will be a safe container for curiosity and exploration of these issues without judgement. Feel whatever emotions are present and begin to move them out of your body and your life. Experiment with different ways to release these patterns that no longer serve you. Connect to your true essence.

Living Your Sacred Life

Here we are really addressing what it takes to create a sacred life — everyday practice. Everyday practice requires us to listen with our heart, to pay attention to the love coming in and going out of our lives, to be aware of and intentional with our boundaries, paying attention to what needs to be released and that which is no longer serving us. Then from here we can explore where we want to go — our heart’s desires. And once you hear the inner whisper of your heart, it’s time for some play and adventure. What’s calling to you?

 The Next Phase

As we complete the course, I want to provide you with a targeted session to support you as you enter into this next phase of your journey and your life. We will explore your experience of this process and where you may need continued support and strategies that might help you as you step into this new life you are creating. What does your sacred life look like now? What do you need to do to maintain its creation and cultivate its richness?

This program is for you if:

 You know there is a deeper inner whisper within you, waiting to be heard.

Your heart is gently nudging you … Yes! Yes!

You are ready to explore the different feelings and emotions with the support of a coach.

You aren’t feeling yourself, something feels off in your life, and you are ready to change that.

You want to connect again with your true self.

You want to remember what it feels like to nurture yourself.

What You Can Expect from Me

We are engaging in a coaching/mentoring relationship. We will have eight weekly coaching sessions. The sessions occur either on the phone or via Zoom. Each session is 60 minutes in duration.

In addition to our private session time together you will receive:

  • Content and coaching to facilitate your personal journey. Our discussions will be targeted on specific areas (listed above) and you will also receive guided meditations, exercises, strategies, and worksheets that correspond to our weekly focus.
  • Support via email. If you want to share something with me or have questions between sessions please send me an email and I will respond within 24-48 hours. This type of deep exploration can possibly create some upheaval and I am here to support you.  I want you to be successful!

What I Expect from You

As your coach, I see you as a powerful and an intelligent person.  With this in mind, I require that you show up powerfully and embrace this intelligence:

  • You are responsible for taking action on the commitments you make. You define these commitments and you also must take the steps necessary to honor them.
  • Sincere effort. This is an investment in yourself and your health.
  • Think about what you’d like to achieve in our time together.  Prepare to ask questions, explore ideas, share challenges and celebrations.
  • The choice to make this a powerful relationship is yours.  I am fully committed to helping you work towards your health and wellness goals.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more, please contact me at