hidden message of pain

For most of us, our bodies are desperately trying to get our attention through pain. 

The signals at first are subtle, but these are often ignored in our quest to get things done and create a life of busy-ness, multi-tasking, and importance. 

When we don’t listen to these subtle signals, the body must create a more urgent call to get our attention and this translates as uncomfortableness and pain. 

Let’s face it ~ pain is unpleasant, whether its source be emotional or physical.   Most of us recognize that physical traumas create a disruption in our physical bodies, and usually create an emotional upset as well.  Not as many people are aware that emotional and psychological traumas, at the time of trauma, create measurable disturbances in the physiological balance of our bodies.  When ignored and pushed aside, trauma ~ both physical and emotional ~ becomes trapped in our bodies. 

Trapped trauma in our bodies begins to impede the natural functioning of our bodies. 

Without a release, the trauma becomes energetically lodged in our bodies, often traveling through the soft tissue. 

The restrictions of trapped trauma tighten us, creating inflammation and lack of ease. 

We begin to avoid the activities that once gave us balance and joy. 

A daily walk or exercises are pushed aside for a few days, and we start to forget how powerful and crucial moving is to our bodies. 

Our bodies are by design created for movement–not excessive sitting and passive activities.  The muscles pump the vessels of our immune system; movement keeps our joints lubricated, like the oil in our cars lubricates the parts and keeps them from rusting. 

Some type of movement is vital to our feelings of ease in our bodies and our overall health.  Lack of movement creates restrictions ~ emotionally and physically ~ and begins a downward spiral of losing some of our natural ability of movement and ease. 

But there is hope ~ there is more than hope! With the techniques and exercises in the book, Return to Ease, you are able to return to your natural state of ease in as little as 5 minutes a day.


Return to Ease:
Gently Reconnect With Your Body’s Natural Mobility and Joy