myofascial release/therapeutic massage session description

Here’s How We Get Started

A session begins with a standing postural analysis. I look at your body for postural imbalances, which give me clues as to where possible originations of restriction are located. Just because you experience pain in a specific area does not mean that area is the origination of your discomfort.

Hidden Messages of Your Pain

I will explain what I see and how any postural imbalances may be impacting the rest of your body. I listen and watch as your share your story. Everything is guidance from your cells and your innate wisdom working to bring you back into balance and ease.

Because of the fascia, or connective tissue, your feet are literally connected to your head and everything in between. So we look at ALL of you as a magnificent, interwoven, connected being.

During the sessions, if you’d like, I can share some self-care tips and techniques that I feel may assist you in releasing restrictions on your own. We will also explore together possible causes of restrictions that may be occurring in your day-to-day life.

This process helps you to bring in more awareness to your body and objectively notice~and lovingly correct~imbalances. This is extremely empowering for you will start to tap into an intuitive sense of how to correct imbalances as they are occuring.

What Can You Expect

The majority of  people have been living with their discomfort for quite some time. One session will usually bring relief to most people, as well as hope. However, one session typically doesn’t completely address the causes of discomfort or create lasting relief. I have found it generally takes, on average, four sessions to notice significant improvement that lasts.

By the fourth session we will have equipped you with empowering skills of releasing your own fascial restrictions and you will be better able to hear the “whispers” of your own body.

Of course, not everyone’s needs will fit into this plan. We will together customize a plan that best meets your health goals.

You will be supported and encouraged throughout your work with me. One of my greatest joys is to see people reconnect with their bodies and life again~a spark return to someone’s eyes! It IS possible to once again experience ease and joy in your life; I would be most honored to assist you on your journey.

To schedule your first session, you may click on the Return to Ease Wellness Center scheduling program or you can  fill out the contact form.  You can also learn more myofascial release~the technique used during your sessions~by clicking on this link:  John Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release.

Myofascial Release/Therapeutic Massage Session Rates:

Effective March 1, 2017 new pricing and package options will be available. 

Single Sessions: $120

Feel Better 3 Session Package: $300
(save $60)

Coaching Clients 4 Session Package : $320
(save $160)

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Please note that Ohio Sales Tax is applied unless you have a current prescription from a chiropractor or medical doctor.