work with me


I am honored and excited that you found your way to my website. I love what I do and I am truly passionate about the possibilities and potentials for you with this work ~ I can’t wait for you to experience a session!

I help women who want to reconnect with their personal power and true essence. This integrative process of reconnection allows my clients to align their hearts, minds, and bodies while creating a more sacred life filled with health, ease, and joy.

You will be supported and encouraged throughout your work with me. It IS possible to once again experience ease and joy in your life; I would be most honored to assist you on your journey.

One of my greatest joys is to see women reconnect with their bodies and life again~a spark return to someone’s eyes.


I currently offer two structured programs that will get you results: Return to Your Heart: 8 Week Coaching Program and Return to Ease Weight Loss Method. These programs have built in one-on-one sessions. These sessions provide you support and guidance to help you navigate issues and concerns that may come up for you in your life during our time together. You will gain new tools and techniques to empower you in life and your relationship with food.

You can always reach out to me via the contact form as well.