by Laura Walker of the Oracle Report

This book, Return to Ease, began healing long before it was published.

In this way, it could be considered magical.  After spending just a few minutes with it, you may come to agree.

Many things make this book magical:

  • book-coverIts author is a healer of shamanic caliber, with a deep love of nature, beauty, and unity.  The combination produces powerful facilitation of happiness.  Magic.
  • Its title is also a mantra that immediately transforms one’s mind-set and body-state.  Thinking it, or stating it out loud, instantly realigns us with our calm center ~ the place of true power.  Magic.
  • Its wisdom quickly becomes evident because it creates a strong desire to come back.  Our bodies begin to crave the practice.  Magic.
  • Its mission gives us what we need in order to do what we need to do.  A rare path to self-empowerment opens equally to all.  Everyone at every level benefits.  Magic.
  • Its spirit comes from many working in concert.  Something inside everyone who was involved in the project was inspired.  A harmony of individual thoughts, ideas, and visions coalesced around the recognition of something special.  Magic.

What you have in your hands holds its own type of magic for you, but the effects it will have on your life are very real.

Prepare to be enchanted.

Laura Walker
January 14, 2015
Washington, DC