client success stories

“By working with Carolyn for six months, she completely changed the way I think about things: Food, stress, boundaries, relationships – you name it, she helped me with it. It’s been over a year and I still use her strategies and techniques daily.  Her coaching was invaluable.

Carolyn has many talents that go beyond coaching and by working with her, you will have access to so many special gifts, you’ll feel her impact long after you’re done working together.

When I began working with Carolyn I was hopeless.  I was exhausted both mentally and physically, I wasn’t taking care of myself at all, my relationships were dysfunctional, and I was at the lowest point in my life. The way Carolyn coached me was by slowly introducing new skills, whether it was becoming more financially responsible, setting goals, establishing boundaries in my relationships, making better food choices, ways of practicing self-care – each step gradually strengthened me and allowed me to improve across all areas of my life. She is amazing. Her calm, loving manner allows you to let down your guard, be vulnerable, and feel safe in often uncomfortable growth periods.

I can now tap into my own inner wisdom and trust that I can make better choices, no matter what area of my life. I listen to myself now and have the strength to handle whatever situation I find myself in.”
~Anne Harkin

“I appreciate the role you played in my journey to wellness a few years back.  Your caring presence and willingness to listen and share have given me many moments to reflect upon as I continue to strive toward better health.”
~Michele Lopez

“My top three goals upon starting the 3 month program with Carolyn were: increasing my physical activity, de-cluttering, and improving my health through food. Carolyn was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me to set attainable (!) goals. She gave me suggestions for taking small steps, which helped me not to feel overwhelmed all of the time.

I am now taking life one day at a time; exercising is no longer a chore but now something I actually look forward to, and de-cluttering is no longer a chore.

I am feeling more positive. I am feeling much better about myself and my home. I love writing down what I am thankful for every day.

I find Carolyn to be very knowledgeable and very understanding. I recommend her to everyone! I am thankful for Carolyn!”

Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your motivation in getting me started on my weight loss and feel better journey, I did do the detox on my own, and I’m still doing it for 4 weeks now. I’m actually down 11 lbs! No, grains, gluten, sugar, dairy, but I have had limited alcohol. Geoff is also down 10 lbs.

~Mindy Toy Bendure

“Thank you Carolyn for guiding us in this process. I lost 8 inches (maybe more because I forgot to measure until day 2) and I lost 4 lbs. I learned that I can find time in my morning to eat a healthy breakfast and who knew that bacon could be healthy 😉. I really enjoyed taking Epsom salt baths and drinking hot chamomile tea to relax in the evening before bedtime. I still need to work on mindfully eating instead of shoveling food into my mouth 😁.”

~Meredith Monroe

“Thank you Carolyn! Was down 4 1/2 pounds as of this morning! And really wasn’t doing the detox for weight loss at all! Slept great! So good to break the sugar cravings;). Gonna keep up the good habits I started this week! Bahamas in two weeks and want to stay bikini ready:). No bloat and healthy and happy:).”

~Kim Larosa

“Thank you for such a great experience. I’m amazed at the little things I can change to support my body more on top of how great real food is and I enjoyed cooking it!!
Big learning was as my week got busier toward the end I noticed I seem to rush meals. I had to consciously slow down today and put the spoon down between bites. Definitely taking this practice forward. Can’t wait to see if I wake up early tomorrow as I usually tend to sleep an hour later on Saturdays but I’ve been up before my alarm since Wednesday.
Thank you again!!”

~Francine Bellofatto Taylor


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