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FuelRadio Podcast with Rod Janz  Reconnecting With Your Heart

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Good Day Columbus: Spring Detox and Cleanse

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Want to get ahead of competitors? 
Listen to your customers.
When new customers come to the Return to Ease Wellness Center in Dublin, Ohio, Carolyn Barnes devotes significant time to talking with them about why they scheduled a massage. The conversations provide perspective about the person’s condition and how she might relieve their ailments long term. Armed with that information, she formulates a strategy for solving the problem over several sessions.

How to Create Ease in Your Body
with Carolyn Barnes on Fuel Radio


Consciously Speaking with Michael Neeley


Season 1, Episode 124:  Carolyn Barnes – Massage Therapist, Coach & Author
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Fox News: Good Day Columbus: Relaxation Techniques

Good Day Columbus

Relaxation Techniques with Carolyn Barnes and the book Return to Ease on Good Day Columbus,  Fox 28. 

Interview with Laura Walker of The Oracle Report

Laura and I talk about “Return to Ease” ~ how the idea came about, the role of myofascial release in creating ease, and the importance of self-care.

Laura wrote the foreward to my book Return to Ease: Reconnect With Your Body’s Natural Mobility and Joy

To my delight, Laura calls my book “Return to Ease” magical.

Laura was, and continues to be, incredibly supportive of me and this book. She has helped me trust the message of my heart by being an example of it every day and sharing her vision with the world through The Oracle Report.

I am so honored and thrilled that Laura asked me to record with her, and grateful for her enthusiastic support of “Return to Ease.


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Return to Ease:
Gently Reconnect With Your Body’s Natural Mobility and Joy